Hey teachers – Friends of Fezzy Wog are great tools for teaching kids.  Fezzy Wog helps kids learn about:

  • Reading – the whimsical illustrations and easy-to-read rhymes make it fun for kids to learn to read
  • Writing – entering a journal entry online helps children communicate their thoughts and adventures in written form
  • Typing – a necessity in this digital world, entering their stories on the fezzywog.com website lets children practice typing skills
  • Geography – send Fezzy Wog to a loved one somewhere far away and track it on a Google map to watch as Fezzy Wog hops around on more legs of the journey
  • United States Postal Service – help children learn about addressing mail and using postage to send a letter


Adopt a Friend of Fezzy Wog as a Class Pet

You and your students may choose to adopt a Friend of Fezzy Wog as a “Class Pet.” We’ve created some correspondence to keep parents informed about this project.

Here is an introductory message you can send to parents to let them know about the project.
Class Pet Project

When it comes time for a student to take home the class pet for the weekend, download this note to send home with the friend of Fezzy Wog.
Weekend with the Class Pet

Downloadable Notes to Send with Fezzy!
Your students can download these when they send their Friend of Fezzy on an adventure:

Fezzy the Traveler
Download this Fezzy the Traveler Note and give it to somebody who will be taking a trip with your Friend of Fezzy.

Fezzy the Visitor
Download this Fezzy the Visitor Note and send it through the mail with your Friend of Fezzy as they visit a friend who lives far away.